Moon and Mars

Despite being in the city center, we were able to get a glimpse of Mars Friday night. The fact that it was snowing was the bigger problem in getting a clear view, since the clouds were being a bit obstructive. As you can see, I got a few shots after we came home from the Potdeksel. The blurriness has more to do with my lack of a tripod than how much I drank. Promise. I have a few other shots that are a bit crisper, but I liked the glow in the clouds on this one. There was a nice ring of red in the clouds around the moon, and if you look closely (or look at the bigger versions of the photos, you can see Mars making an appearance on the upper left side of the moon. In one article I read about Mars’ appearance, they said that it should be about the distance of an outstretched fist, and sure enough, even in my photos, that’s pretty much spot on!

The Sonnenborgh Observatory here in town does viewings on Friday and Saturday nights. That was probably the place to be on Friday. Too bad I only remembered this now. 😉

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