Rock the Vote (Maybe)

You know how I was talking last week about voting and the upcoming municipal elections here in the Netherlands? Well, here’s a website that makes it pretty easy to figure out if you can vote in those elections. The answer for me is a big ol’ no, but it turns out that G can vote. Of course, we also figured that out last week when he got his voter registration card thingy in the mail.

The municipal elections are every four years, and for me to vote, I’ll have had to be a resident here for five years, so that means I will be able to vote the next time around. Jahoe (yahoo)! If you’re curious about the requirements, here’s a bit more information (in English) about the municipal elections and requirements for voting in them and standing for election.

9 thoughts on “Rock the Vote (Maybe)

    • I never expected to be able to vote at all until recently when someone mentioned the possibility to us. I like the idea, though. If you’re an established resident, even if not a citizen, it does make sense that you should be able to vote on local issues.

  1. … trying to get back to blogging!

    I was wondering – what’s your impression of the general attitude of people here in the Netherlands towards politics, voting, etc.? I’m in total amazement, at least here in Z., of how little they seem to care, how unremarkable campaigns are and what little charisma in general politicians have.

    I’ve already had a big election here, and I made such a fuss about it that I convinced my husband to go and vote too. :o)

    • It does seem kind of low key, but I thought maybe I was just missing a lot of it, since we don’t really watch Dutch tv/news much at this point, because our language skills aren’t that good yet. I try to keep up with the news online, but thought maybe I just wasn’t reading the right websites. I do appreciate not seeing the ugly/bad political ads that I was used to in the US, though. I wonder if voting for a party, rather than an individual has something to do with the lack of charisma you mentioned. It’s all such a new political system to me, in many ways, so I do want to learn more. Plus, I enjoy being involved, knowing the issues, and voting.

  2. Yes, definitely low key and flat , you don’t find very strong leaders or personalities that stand out like in the States, for example – I find it quite interesting to observe and study their way of making politics and carrying out the gov’t machinery. It’s very different from what I’m used to – in Argentina everything is so over the top, exactly the opposite of what happens here in Holland.

      • I reckon my two cats could do a good job. How can I sign them up as representatives of the Partij voor de Dieren? 😉

        It turns out that I *can* vote in this election but I haven’t the foggiest who to vote for. I’ve only see a few posters scattered here and there (mostly there) throughout Almere and I know nothing of those parties’ policies.

        • I would be afraid if my cat Luna got elected. She leans toward the dictatorial style of governance. 😉 Lola, on the other hand, would probably get in with the wrong crowd if she was promised face scritches and brushing. Plus, she’s been known to sleep with the dog and it would probably lead to some sort of awful, embarrassing scandal.

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