Foto Vrijdag 2.6

Not my best shot, but there’s just something about it that I like. The snow was really pouring down at this point, even though it had been snowing fairly steadily all day. I was at the window, trying to get some shots of the little black bird that was weathering the storm, when this woman suddenly rode past, nose bright pink from the bitter cold. A little snow — or quite a lot — won’t stop the favored Dutch mode of transportation!

10 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.6

  1. It’s been ugly down in the South as well: Carnivale Sunday was pretty well snowed out and itt’s still coming down this morning. It makes for lovely vistas and keeps the crowds down, but it is cold tromping around in the slush and ice and it’s hard holding a beer in thick gloves!

    • Sorry to hear the weather wasn’t cooperating this year. That’s always a bit of a downer.

      Back in college, one of the bars we went to had an open patio area where lots of people hung out even during the winter months (or what passed as winter in New Orleans). My friends and I never had a full set of gloves, but we’d spread around the gloves that we did have and referred to them as our beer gloves, because they were handy (although thin) for keeping a hand warm while holding a cold beer.

  2. Brrrr…..!! I saw on the news and in the “buienradar” that you’d have heavy snowfall in the west! Here it snowed a little on Saturday night but nothing much.
    I can’t think how uncomfortable it must be to trudge along with your bike in this kind of weather…. and I guess I’ll never know! hehe

    • We got some snow this weekend, but not much more than a few centimeters. Other areas tend to get more than we do anyway. We had a very light dusting last night, but barely enough to be noticeable (on top of the stuff that’s already there and won’t melt). Still, the sidewalks and roads are still icy, so I’m glad that Utrecht is walkable, rather than having to risk riding a bike on the ice!

  3. ooh that poor pink nose is really standing It’s been so cold hasn’t it! the snow just won’t leave. I looked out the window a few minutes ago and it was lightly snowing again. Im dreaming of a nice warm place with tropical drinks:)

    Love the look of the photo by the way!

    • It really has been cold these past few weeks! Even though the temperature isn’t really different, I guess we’ve had a bit more wind, which makes it feel so much worse. I wilt in even the littlest amount of heat, but even I’m starting to wish for something a bit warmer. Those lucky people in Vancouver where it’s a balmy 10C these days! 😀

    • I saw some people trying to cycle when we had a lot of snow and they were weaving and sliding all over the place. I figured it might have been easier to just walk!

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