Foto Vrijdag 2.7

This photo was taken last March. Right now it doesn’t feel like it will ever look like this again. This area is cold, grey and still covered with a bit of icy residue at the moment, but I saw a little flower bud trying to push through the ice this week. I’m hoping that a few more weeks will bring about a big change, although at this point, I’ll settle for a bit of sunshine! Bring on spring!

7 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.7

  1. ooooooh I can’t wait for this. I cannot wait. A friend was just complaining about the weather and I said that I’m ready to start seeing things blooming again. Less than a month to go, we can make it!

    • See! We only ask for half a day of sun. That’s not so much to ask for! I’m feeling the urge to do a bit of spring cleaning, too, but it doesn’t seem as satisfying when you’ve got to have all the lights on and the heat cranked up! 😉

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