Pros and Cons


Cons of Living in the Netherlands

The weather is a bit crap (of course, that applies to lots of places).

Pros of Living in the Netherlands

You can get flowers to brighten up a gray rainy day for next to nothing. I got two bunches of roses for €5. Hit up some of the flower stalls and you can get an even better deal. Flowers are wonderfully inexpensive here.

10 thoughts on “Pros and Cons

  1. Isn’t it great how cheap flowers are here. When I hear friends back home talking about getting flowers from their loved ones and I think of how expensive it is, I grin inside haha because we can pick them up anywhere for dirt cheap.

    I always love having them in the house, but so rarely bother to get them. I’m going to go get some tomorrow, if I don’t blog about it, give me shit! haha it means I got lazy and didn’t bother 😛

    • I know! I always forget to get them, despite how cheap they are. With the lousy weather today, though, I figured it was a perfect time to brighten the place up with some.

  2. I love love LOVE how cheap the flowers are here!! I’ve never had so many beautiful fresh flowers to chose from in my life!

    What a wonderful way to brighten up what would otherwise be a grey day..I think Im going to pick some up at the store today aswell. I need to hurry before all the bread is gone! LOL

    • Bread seems to be the one thing that our grocery stores here don’t seem to run out of, although I’ve heard it’s a problem elsewhere. Good luck getting both the flowers and the bread!

    • Hah! We’ve got a gorgeous flower market just a short walk from our house, but inevitably I forget to go on Saturdays, so I end up getting flowers from AH when I do remember. Oh well, they’re still pretty!

    • We certainly get tons of cheap tulips here, obviously, but I’ve been impressed with the variety of flowers to be had cheaply, even in the grocery store. Now if I could only get the cats to stop chewing on the rose petals …

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