Not How I Wanted to Spend the Day

Our lousy ceiling/leak karma continues. We discovered this morning that we’ve got a leak in one of the pipes from the bathroom, causing water to drip through the ceiling and down into the living room. So now the plumber is here and working on the problem — after putting a few holes into the wall/ceiling in order to find out what the problem was — and my day’s plans have gone down the clogged drain. Just when we finally got a bit of sunshine today, too! Figures! We’re going to have to get a few more holes in walls before it’s all fixed, which will be sometime hopefully on Monday. (To avoid extra weekend charges.)

Oh yeah, the Dutch government has collapsed dissolved, too. I think I need a cupcake.

13 thoughts on “Not How I Wanted to Spend the Day

    • Thanks. Why do these things always happen on a weekend, when you end up paying double for the plumber’s visit? Hopefully they’ll be back tomorrow and it will be solved quickly and with minimal damage to walls!

  1. I remember one day a year or so ago I came home to a flooded bathroom. We had just renovated it not too long before and the plumbers had to come and replace a big pipe. In the process they ruined some of the new tiles. Did I ever do a blog rant that day!

    • Oh, I think that would make me cry! What a nightmare! The frustrating part is that we do have some of the tiles left over from one of the previous owners’ renovations of the bathroom, but they’re the floor tiles, not the wall tiles that we need!

  2. Oh no, Im sorry about the plumbing problems!! I hope you are able to get it fixed soon! I was all excited about the sun today too but never made it outside. My oldest came down with a strange high fever so we all hung out at home:(

    It’s so bizarre about the government dissolving when they can’t agree on something..and then when you hear the direction it might be going into..well needless to say I baked some cookies today! lol

    • I’m sorry your oldest got sick, especially on the first sunny day! I hope everyone’s feeling better today and that the sun comes back.

      I don’t quite understand the dissolution of the government over one issue, either, but I must say I was a bit relieved when I read that the skeleton government that will be in place until the new election can’t do anything major. On the other hand, we still have to see who will end up with control after the new elections, and that is definitely worrying!

    • I’m relieved that the ceiling hasn’t fallen down overnight, so I guess that’s a positive. Regardless, water leaks are never fun, and never cheap! Oy.

      We’ve still got a dozen cupcakes left, so come on over, although I don’t know how long they’ll last. They’re surprisingly light and fluffy and delicious! πŸ˜‰

    • Oh, you have my utmost sympathy! We’ve got a few holes left downstairs to try and air/dry out the area under the floor. Today has been spent cleaning up all the other mess. I hope your problem is fixed without too much more of a headache.

  3. We seem to have fixed most of it quite easily now. There are just a few things left which my father-in-law is going to do while we are at work.

    I hope things are going well for you now as well.

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