Play Misty For Me

Despite the sun not making a return appearance today, it was still pretty today with the mist that has hung on throughout the day. The picturesque stillness of a quiet Sunday morning was more than I could resist, so Pippo and I headed out to the Griftpark once again. Quite a few other people had the same idea, but that didn’t detract from the experience, as the cold mist swallowed up any extraneous noise. There was something charming about the ghostly figures of couples strolling along the canal or children and dogs racing after toy balls.

The large pond in the center of the park was still frozen over, giving the birds and ducks their own skating rink.

My favorite Twisty Figures were looking particularly artsy against the misty, bare backdrop, although they were soon joined in play by a father, his sons, and a playful standard poodle.

There may have been a bit of frost on the ground still, and the monotone gray of the mist hid some of the brighter colors of the day, but there was still a hint of spring on its way as I spied these buds pushing their way up.

16 thoughts on “Play Misty For Me

  1. It was lovely here in Rotterdam today too, with all the fog and mist. We went out for a nice walk in the morning and I took some photos but hubby has been busy reinstalling Win7 on my laptop so I haven’t been able to process them yet. Should have them done tomorrow.

    Some great photos you got today! The blooming gives me hope! haha

    • Glad to hear you got to get out and enjoy the mist, too. I hope the Win7 installation has gone smoothly. I’ve thought about installing it, but then figured I didn’t want to risk things going pear shaped when I’m not really having any problems with what I’ve already got. Looking forward to seeing your photos!

    • Hopefully, the weather will improve by the time you get here. Spring and early summer can be absolutely gorgeous here. Of course, I still miss the dogwoods that we had in NC, and even miss the stinky bradford pear trees!

  2. Hi, Im back with a new blog (pls click on name). Been busy for a while sorting out ways to pay the taxes.

    Anyway, nice new photos. The looong winter really inspired a lot of bloggers to shoot. Unfortunately, I didnt join the craze cos I dont have a good cam *waaah.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photographs.

    • Thanks! I liked the first photo so much, I made it my desktop. 😉 Plumbing troubles seem to be fixed for the most part. Now it’s just the cleaning and the repair work to the walls to contend with.

  3. Spring is coming! lol The sun was out yesterday and a few days ago. I rushed outside to take photos and walk around. It feels so good to get out without having to watch out for the slick ice on the streets!

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