Small Round Foods

Birthday Smorgasbord
Usually for my birthday, I like to go out for sushi. This year, I didn’t really feel like going out, but I still wanted to have a variety of small foods from which to choose. So I pulled out the various recipes for appetizers and sides that I’d bookmarked on Foodgawker and put together a menu of small round foods. I’ve often wanted to do a meal with a few of these, but figured it was a bit odd. As birthday girl, though, I could get away with odd! I enjoy cooking, so this was also something fun for me to do. I spent all Monday afternoon and into early evening cooking each of these small food items. Garlic balls and eggplant balls, zucchini and olive pancakes, shrimp cakes, broccoli tikkis, chicken pieces wrapped in bacon and coated with honey mustard, Asian-flavored meatballs coated in rice, corn, goat cheese and leek fritters, and shrimp salad in phyllo cups. Sparkling wine to accompany it all, of course.

It was a fun way to celebrate a birthday I wasn’t particularly excited about. There was birthday cake, too, of course. A big round food! Last year I had thought about making a German chocolate cake — my favorite — but ended up going the chocolate and raspberry route instead. This year I was determined to make my favorite. It’s not quite the same appearance, but it tastes close enough to keep me happy! So despite the snow that started my day, rather than the bright sunshine I’d been hoping for, the day ended up quite cheerful and fun and delicious. The sun even came out later in the day!
Birthday [Day 66/365]

18 thoughts on “Small Round Foods

  1. ooh looks yummy!! I love that three level dish thing, where’d you get that? Pls tell me it was in NL haha

    One thing though… where are the maltesers?! 😛

    • Unfortunately, no, I got the three-tier thing in the US. It’s one of the few pieces like that that I bothered bringing with me.

      I knew I forgot something! Maltesers! Oh well, I’m not sure there was much room anyway. 😉

  2. Happy Birthday! the food and cake look wonderful! Im determined at some point to make myself a frog shaped I dont like the whole rolled fondant thing..although it looks amazing I cant stand the taste of it. So I must get creative with my frog cake..but it will happen!

    I LOVE u still have the recipe for eggplant balls? that makes me laugh,.lol

    • I’m sure a frog-shaped cake could be done with regular frosting. It might not be quite as impressive, but I’d rather have one that tastes good than looks good. 😉 Good luck!

      I do still have the eggplant ball recipe:

      For what it’s worth, I didn’t bother peeling the eggplant, I used an egg this time, because the flour ones I tried before didn’t hold together quite as well, I skipped the chili and just used some chili flakes, and I also added some curry powder and a bit of salt, because they were a bit on the bland side the first time I made them. They were excellent this time! 😉

  3. John bakes a killer German Chocolate Cake. It’s my favorite. Wish I could have been there – it all looks wonderful!

    • I wish John (and you and the pups) could have been here! This was my first time making a German chocolate cake. Does he have a recipe he’d share? I’d never tried making one before, because usually if I was making a cake, my mom would be coming over, too, and she’s not a fan of coconut. I always just bought individual slices at the store when I was having a craving.

    • Thank you, on both parts, as I’m the one who painted the tree pictures. Not sure how cheap it would be to ship three canvases to Alabama, though! I could always do a few versions on paper, since you’re always so good at finding nice frames! 😉

    • Thanks! After looking through my favorites on Foodgawker, it became pretty clear that I have a fondness for round foods, especially savory cakes/balls/fritters. I figured I might as well run with the idea!

  4. Awesome! You just think of a price plus shipping costs and I will Pay Pal you. I love original art. But I have been looking around and I only have room for one. And when you paint it, don’t forget to take a picture of yourself with the print for authenticity! 😀 Thank you, Alison!

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