13 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.10

    • I much prefer it in b&w. In color, there were too many colors competing: the red car, the green bag on the bike, the brick sidewalk and building … In b&w, it focuses the image into what I liked most, the light and shadow and the solitary but cheerful mood.

    • Thanks! I think all of the others should be listed under the “photo friday” tag. I only started doing this late last year when I had some photos that I really liked and wanted to share.

    • Thanks! I think the bikes give the location away. 😉 I think the only way to get a shot here without a bike is to aim the camera up, but then I fully expect to see a bike somehow up in a tree or on a rooftop! I’ve certainly seen them in stranger places!

  1. Ali dear, this is one of those pics that makes me wonder when you are gonna go pro with your photography. I think you really have the eye for it.

    • Awww, Mer, thank you so much! I really appreciate that. I’ve been thinking about selling a few odds and ends that I make on etsy, including one or two of my photos. Just to have an excuse to keep doing it all! 😉

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