Foto Vrijdag 2.12

I took this photo last year at the Florahof over by the Domplein. The tulips are starting to show up more and more now as spring is making its arrival. The Keukenhof is now open and runs through May 16, so I’m definitely going this year while my parents are visiting. The theme for this year is From Russia With Love, with an emphasis of Russian-style gardens and such. The wife of Russia’s president was there with our Princess Maxima to open this year’s Keukenhof.

My pink tulips finally gave up the ghost this week, but I think I’ll go to the bloemenmarkt (flower market) tomorrow at Janskerkhof and get some new ones.

8 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.12

  1. My parents are visiting at the moment and they went to Keukenhof yesterday (I had to work). They said it was good but it would be better to go in about a month when more has flowered.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t been yet. Last year was the first year that I could have gone, but I didn’t know as much about it. I think I was also injured for much of that time, too. My mother loves gardening, so this is the perfect excuse to go and be a tourist! 😉

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