Blogger’s Block

I’ve been suffering a bit of blogger’s block recently, and haven’t been sure what to write about that might actually interest readers. (I’ve also been slacking on keeping up with my RSS feed recently, so apologies to all the blogs I usually read and comment on; I’m really behind right now.) So basically, I’m asking those of you who read this blog if you have any questions about Utrecht, the Netherlands, or me, that you’d like me to try to answer. I need some inspiration! Plus, it would be nice to know what kinds of things interest you, so I can try to make the blog more interesting.

I just know the comment section is going to remain empty. 😉

13 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

  1. Ha. Proved you wrong. I filled it a little :p

    I have been familiar with bloggers block a number of times as well so I know how you feel.

    Hhhmmm… as for suggestions… when I get stuck I try to think of an aspect of Dutch life or culture that I have not written about or a funny story that I had not yet written from my past (sometimes including pre-Holland stuff). Cats are always good for posts 🙂

    Ok… I don’t know if any of that really helped.

  2. I would love to know more about how long you’ve lived there..and why you moved..etc. and also how you get along with the Dutch language;-)

  3. I wanna see your kitchen! LOL Does it look like mine? small and not enough counter space? People are always e-mailing me asking what is different the windows here open differently,the toilets are a bit odd..I’d like to know more about you too! It’s a safety thing I know but everyone always wants to know how I came here and if I miss home..So I guess I wanna know that about you! lol

  4. You take lovely pictures- I’d be happy if you posted pics every day.

    I wanted to ask why/how you wound up here, too but someone beat me to it 😉

  5. I’d love to know how in the world you navigate Utrecht! Maybe it’s just the city center, but I cannot find my way around to save my life. Ohhh, the hours I spent searching for the IND office there (and the ache in my feet afterwards)…

  6. I look forward to the photos and your comments about them. We used to come and visit my husband’s mom and noticed over the years that grafitti increased and that more English crept into the store names and signs in general. What have you noticed in Utrecht?

  7. Well, you got some rather inspiring suggestions. I liked the one about the differences – you could do a weekly topic on a comparison between dutch and us items. If you run out of inspiration you could always browse the undutchables. I suggest tuesday or thursday, that way you could go with “Different Dinsdag/Donderdag” for the recurring topictitle.
    As for the language issue, how does “wednesday’s weekly weird word” sound? You could start with the word Woensdag. Trying to figure out more about a word might actually make your language acquisition much more fun! Woensdag is for instance known as Gehaktdag (minced meat day) go figure!
    As for other topics:
    – tips for typical inburgerings-activities
    – reviews on peculiar little stores in Utrecht
    – your view on US developments
    – …
    I guess that’s about all I can come up with based on what I liked in your blog so far.
    You go girlfriend!

    • Great ideas! I like the language one, in particular. Definitely the kind of thing that will help me remember words and such more easily. Yay! Dank je wel!

  8. Hee, I just remembered something else: ingredients! When sharing recepies I always have a hard time knowing the english names for various ingredients and spices. I’m sure you have the same problem the other way around. What do you think? Food for a (recurring) topic?

  9. Here’s my two cents: I would love to read about the places you’ve visited in Holland, especially the not-very-touristy places. In fact i’ve made a list of places to visit based on your earlier blog posts and would love to see the list grow 🙂
    Another thing that i’d like to read about – food. How about telling your readers about the restaurants you’ve visited in Utrecht and liked / didn’t like. Even recipes, one in a while would be nice.
    Keep the blog posts coming 🙂

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