Freaky Flowers

Aliens [Day 87/365]
The mini park over on Lucasbolwerk, next to Wittevrouwensingel, is awash with flowers these days. Even the trees have got buds bursting forth from their bare branches. However, the tree buds look more like creepy aliens than beautiful flowers, at least at the moment! Thank goodness for the zoom lens. I didn’t want to get that close! It’s like something out of Alien or Little Shop of Horrors!
Tour Boat
These are just a few of the trees on the hill by the Stadsschouwburg (city theater) that have these buds. Does anyone know what kind of tree it is that creates these creepy monsters? Still, it could be worse. They could smell as awful as Bradford pear trees. They’re beautiful when they bloom, but they smell horrendous!

I hate to leave you with such scary and stinky thoughts, so here’s a picture of Pippo, our hippie, flower-loving dog. He can always be counted to stop and smell the flowers.

10 thoughts on “Freaky Flowers

    • The boat was such great timing! They seem to be going around more often once again and gradually with more and more people. Good weather must be returning! (Except for today.)

  1. Triffids!

    It’s a good thing you used the zoom lens and did not get too close. Otherwise it might have cloned you for it’s evil body snatching invasion.

    There are some trees near were I live that got covered in spider webs last year. It was like they tried (and succeeded) to cocoon the whole tree. It looked very alien as well. If they do it again this year I might try to get a photo.

    • Heh. Triffids, indeed! Still, I think I’d rather deal with these scary pods than any spiders. Yuck! I remember seeing trees like that around our last house in the US, but fortunately, we had enough land that it was easy enough not to get too close to them.

  2. Hm, I think they look a bit like magnolia buds. I’ll take a closer look on my way to Dutch class on thursday.

    As for Stu’s “spiders,” those were probably tent caterpillars. They take over my hometown every May (so, a lot like triffids, actually). Major yucko.

    • You’re right, they do look kind of like magnolia buds, but the trees themselves don’t look like any magnolia trees I remember. Maybe it’s a variation. I also can’t remember any flowers on these trees last year, but perhaps I was just too focused on all the flowers on the ground! It was also this time last year that I hurt my knee and barely left the house for almost a month, so that could explain why I don’t remember the trees flowering.

  3. Hey there. Your alien tree is actually a chestnut or Kastanjeboom, of the wild persuasion. So no edible chestnuts I’m afraid. They do bloom brilliantly though. If I recall correctly there’s a pink blooming one in your street actually, a bit further down. Enjoy them the oncoming weeks! To me they are one of the more beautiful messengers of spring. Here in Oudewater we have an abundance of limetrees. Great in may but disappointingly slow in early spring…

    • Ah! Thank you! I read (and wrote for Trippist) about kastanjebomen last week when some school children were planting a variety of trees around town. I figured out that it was some sort of chestnut tree, but didn’t realize I’d been up close and personal with them! 😉 I can’t wait to see all the blooms. I was so sad last year to miss much of the flowering going on around the city. At least the lime trees give you something to look forward to.

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