Name This Band

There were all sorts of sights to see yesterday. Besides the Domtoren Death Ray and hordes of tourists, there was also a music video of some sort being shot on the Oudegracht. Just as we were approaching the Stadhuisbrug, we heard music and looked to see one of the boats serving as a setting for a trio filming their performance. It brought back memories of the Lemonheads’ video for their cover of Mrs. Robinson.

I have no idea who they are, but would be curious to find out, since it would be nice to eventually get to see the video. Does anyone recognize them, by chance? I got the impression that they might not be Dutch, since the guy with his back to the shot turned around after they were finished playing and said thank you and maybe something else in English when all the people watching started to clap.

4 thoughts on “Name This Band

  1. Wow I have no clue who they are but that is so neat that you spotted that! it will be neat to see the video and hopefully find out who they are!

  2. You can certainly watch life go by sitting by the Oudegracht! I find it really interesting after 7 years living in a smallish town.
    I hope you can find out the name of this band – indeed, it’d be nice to see the video ; )
    Have a nice weekend!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. It could be; hard to tell. I guess I’ll have to remember to keep an eye out. I can’t remember if he was the one singing or if it was the other guitarist.

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