Woordenboek Woensdag: Willekeurige Spullen

I’ve been at a loss for what Dutch word(s) to write about today. I’ve been looking things up and listening to more Dutch tv broadcasts, but there have been no real breakthroughs for me and no words that strike me as particularly fascinating. So I figured I’d just write about random things that I’ve looked up, particularly since I have looked up the Dutch word for random (willekeurig) and found out that spullen is the Dutch word for things.

Spullen is the plural, while spul is the singular. When I saw it used in a sentence, it confused me at first, because I thought it was a verb. After all, the infinitive form of most regular Dutch verbs does end -en. Of course, -en is also a common way of making nouns plural. Obviously, I didn’t understand enough of the other words in the sentence to figure out through context and location. Rather than get frustrated at myself for getting confused, I prefer to simply look at it all as a way to make sure I will probably not forget spul(len) from now on. Baby steps!

The other random word of the week is (de andere willekeurig woord van de week is) mogelijk. This goes along with my other m~lijk words that I can’t keep straight. I’m getting much better with makkelijk (easy) and moeilijk (difficult), but then mogelijk would pop up and get me all discombobulated again. Using my own personal word associations, I’m trying to remember that mogelijk means possibly by singing Björk’s song Possibly Maybe in Dutch: Mogelijk Misschien. Possibly silly, but if it works …

2 thoughts on “Woordenboek Woensdag: Willekeurige Spullen

  1. A fun way of learning! I’ve also learned quite a bit of this Dutch language through word associations & often randomly, after I learned what I truly needed to know. I think now I’ll always remember your blog post & Björk when I think of mogelijk & misschien 😉

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