Some Win and Some Fail

Yesterday, or perhaps this morning, I had a great idea for a blog post. Now? I have no idea what it was, nor even when I had the idea. Fail.

The sun is shining, the temperature is 17C, and it’s Culturele Zondag (Cultural Sunday, a monthly Utrecht event). Win!

Pippo and I went for a long walk today around the Nieuwegracht, Nieuwestraat, Oudegracht, and lots of smaller side streets. Win!

We were originally aiming for Twijnstraat, so I could get a photo of a building that has “De Olifant” painted on it. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up going the route I had originally planned and it got too busy with people and dogs, so that Pippo was getting overexcited. Fail.

We did get to the Domplein, which was my other goal for the walk, since I knew that there were some Culturele Zondag events going on there. Win!

I thought there was supposed to be some sort of sculpture installed for the day, but either it wasn’t up yet, or it was just a bunch of doors lying flat or propped against some stuff. Fail.

There was some music being played, though, by some people singing and playing guitar. Quite pleasant. We also came across some at Pieterskerkhof, which we passed on our way home. Win!

I didn’t get any photos of any of this, because toward the end of the walk, realizing I hadn’t taken any photos at all, I decided to at least get a shot of one of the side doors of the cathedral. When I turned on my camera, I suddenly found out that I had forgotten my memory card at home. Along with my brain, it would seem. Fail.

Pippo and I still had fun and he got a few compliments along the way and we generally had a gezellig time. That outweighs any minor failings. Win!

I hope your weekend is full of win!

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