Am I Growing?

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that Dutch people are pretty darn tall. A friend of ours is 2 meters tall, which is pretty tall, but he’s hardly the only Dutch guy to measure in at that height. As a result, after a lifetime of feeling pretty tall in the US, I’ve suddenly started to feel kind of short here, despite the fact that I’m around 5’8 1/2″ (around 172 cm).

Today, however, I finally felt tall. We were in our local AH discussing roze garnalen (small pink shrimp) when a woman stopped me and asked me to get a bag of julienned carrots for her from the top shelf. Awesome! And I could reach!

Seriously, it’s the little things that amuse me. I should retitle this blog A Flamingo in Utrecht: Entertained by Inconsequential Things. Now excuse me while I go bask in my tallness. I think I’ll go hover over the cats.

13 thoughts on “Am I Growing?

  1. Funny.. it’s the same for me – I was always one of the tallest in the UK (i’m 5’8 / 172 too). When I first moved here I would find myself doing a double take when I saw a women taller than me, and I don’t mean a bit taller, I mean a LOT taller! It’s really odd to suddenly feel so small but I like these tall Dutchies, and my posture has improved too πŸ˜‰

    • Oh, the women are definitely tall, too! I think that was one of the biggest adjustments for me in the early days. It really was such a change to suddenly be almost short. But you’re right, it’s an excellent reminder to stand up straight!

  2. Imagine growing up here and going to school! Especially when the new wave of freshmen come in and spotting kids who are well near 2m (boys and girls).

    Well, you’ll always be taller than little ol’ me, since I’m only 5’4. πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh you are so luck. I still feel very small. It makes getting a pair of jeans that do not make me look like a small kid trying on his parents clothes very hard indeed.

    • Yeah, pants are always difficult. It’s a shame rolled up jeans aren’t in fashion these days! Still, at least you have a tall Dutch girlfriend to help out with hard to reach spots!

  4. I’m 5’6″ so not very tall but not short either..My kitchen cupboards are actually to tall for I am always asking my dutch husband who is 6’4″ to get something down for me. I am actually shocked when I see a super short dutch really short..5 feet or below. I just neve imagined it could be possible for

    • Fortunately I can reach most of our cupboards, except the back part of the top shelf, but I don’t keep stuff I use regularly there. On the other hand, we’ve got a lot of space above the cupboards that I can’t really use, because I would have to pull out the stool all the time to reach. In fact, that’s where are microwave is, which means I now rarely use it.

      As for really short people, I just assume they’re fellow immigrants. πŸ˜‰

  5. I’m always the one that has to get things for little old ladies… I’m Dutch and Tall… I don’t mind. But yes, it’s hard for me to imagine being shorter and not able to reach for something.

    It must have been amazing for you to help this lady! For me it’s daily stuff, but yeah it’s great that you can help someone with just a small favor like this. Let’s all enjoy the little things and be scouts again!!

    @Invaderstu: Or a girlfriend who is Dutch and tall!!

    • It was nice to be able to help, since it’s something that happened quite often to me in the US. I was always getting stuff down for the little old ladies (and men). It was my good deed for the day!

  6. I still feel like people are short here πŸ˜›

    Before I knew any Dutch I HATED it when people asked me for things because I always felt so stupid since I couldn’t understand them. Now it’s not so bad *L*

  7. I’m only 5′, so if I wear flats instead of heels to work, I have to ask a colleague to get a coffee mug off the shelf for me. It’s hard to feel dignified when doing that!

  8. Hehe, I feel exactly the same way. We have the same height you and I, 1.72cm, and I feel sooooo short here in Holland. I bet it’s all the milk the Dutch are drinking that’s making them so tall. Good for them!

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