Big Yellow Birdies and Buildings

Friday I gave you a bit of a challenge to recognize where in Utrecht the big birdy could be found. Since I took the photo, I kind of knew, but to be honest, I was cheating a bit and hoping someone else could give me some more information about the specific location, because it’s more than just birdies. It’s part of a whole building complex.
Willem Arntsz Huis
I knew I’d seen photos of it before in one of the Flickr Utrecht groups, so eventually I did track down some more information by finding some photos other people have taken of the big yellow building. It turns out to be the Willem Arntsz Huis, a mental health institution. The modern yellow building is just part of a larger and long-standing complex, but it’s certainly an eye-catching and interesting one. It might not blend, especially in the museum quarter, but it’s still attractive. The more recent addition of the budgerigars adds a certain whimsy to the intense geometry of the building.
Geel Huis
For the record, it’s on Vrouwjuttenhof, just off Vrouwjuttenstraat, which in turn is off Lange Nieuwstraat.

7 thoughts on “Big Yellow Birdies and Buildings

  1. I did try and look where these are, but don’t know Utrecht very well at all, so couldn’t find them. Thanks for the update, I love quirky things like these little birdies! It’s especially nice to have something that brightens your day and makes you smile around a place that deals with peoples deeper problems, and emotions: it’s a very “positive” type of artwork. It’s also excellent to learn a bit more about interesting places and quirky beautiful things where you live, the “learn from a local” idea is great! Thank you, and …More please 🙂

    • I had to do a bit of Google Mapping to find out exactly where I was that day. I stumbled across the building on the way home, so wasn’t paying close attention. Fortunately the birds stood out, because the big building itself isn’t as easily noticeable until you’re right up on it. I do like to think that the cheerfulness of the yellow in both the birds and the building can be of some benefit. I’m glad you enjoyed the post; I’m happy to pass along the interesting tidbits I learn.

    • Aww, thanks Katie! Now that my parents are here and I’m not cleaning like a maniac, I’ll definitely try to find a poster tube so I can finally get your print mailed off. I feel so bad about how long it’s taking!

    • I definitely want to go back and get some more shots. These were done fairly quickly, but I’m really happy with how they generally came out. Such a lucky find!

      Sorry I haven’t had a chance to stop by your blog recently. Been too busy with cleaning and now family here. Soooo behind in all my reading.

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