F of the C

The Phoenix Foundation
Can’t sleep. Too excited!

Well, I really couldn’t sleep this morning, and as I lay there tossing and turning, I started thinking about the Flight of the Conchords show I’m going to tomorrow (and Tuesday) and that did get my mind going, making it even harder to fall back to sleep. You try getting back to sleep with Jenny going through your head!

I became a fan of the Flight of the Conchords five years ago, but this is the first time I’ve gotten a chance to see them live. They didn’t bother touring the US until I moved here to Europe and now this is the first European show they’ve done in ages. It’s about time! After years of following them, back when there was so little available we treasured every rare photo or video piece that showed up. Now fans have such a plethora of things to choose from. Kids these days don’t know how easy they have it. 😉

I’m looking forward to hopefully meeting a few people at the shows, as well. I know I’ll be meeting one of the writers from Trippist, as well as two women from Sherry’s wonderful What the Folk website, who have flown in from the US just to see the Amsterdam shows. I know a few more of you are going and would love to meet up if possible, even if just for quick hi. I admit that I’d like to get a chance to meet Bret and Jemaine, as well. I may technically be a Bretaholic, but after the occasional — and completely unexpected, out-of-the-blue — PMs from Jemaine himself about NZ music, I’m particularly curious to meet him, since he seemed to remember me somehow.

Speaking of New Zealand music, the photo above is of The Phoenix Foundation, a fantastic band that I’ve mentioned here before. It was because of FotC that I found out about them (and numerous other NZ musicians). I got to see TPF way back in 2006, for three gigs in New York. I had a fantastic time and they put on a wonderful set of shows. They’re also just a really nice bunch of fellas. I’m hoping they’ll be touring a bit of Europe in the near future, particularly since they have a brand new album out. You can hear it here through their official website. If you want to purchase it and you’re outside NZ, I recommend Amplifier. I’ve bought both downloads and physical CDs from them for years and never had any trouble at all.

By the way, I’ve never been to the Melkweg, where they’re playing, so I’ve got two questions. How easy is it to get there from the train station, and how strict are they about no photos? I’d like to take my camera, obviously (and I don’t use the flash, especially for shows like this), but I don’t want to be turned away because I’ve got it with me.

13 thoughts on “F of the C

  1. From Centraal Station you can take any number of trams.

    1,2 or 5 will be your best bet. Although others head round that way too. Just head out front of the station and the tram halt is right out front.

    Its about a 20 minute walk otherwise, easy enough, just head down Damrak and then cut through by Dam Sqaure and follow the Spui Straat and tram line along to the Leidseplein.

    Melkweg is not far from there 🙂

    As for camera policy, I never used to take one. Before the time of digital cameras.

    Hope the first bit was of some help.

  2. I know!!!

    I can’t believe I’ve still managed to keep this a secret surprise for Hans’ birthday 😉

    Enjoy the first show tomorrow!! It would be great if we ran into each other tues.

    • I’m awful at keeping surprises like that. It kills me! Congrats on your success!

      I’m sort of on my own for the Tuesday show anyway, so it would definitely be great if we met up at some point.

  3. I am, oddly enough, even more excited for you to finally see the Kiwi fellas than I am to see them again myself. Of course, encountering affectionately beloved public figures can be totally perilous: it still pains a friend of mine to recount how Alan Rickman was a complete arse when he came into her bakery. Dreams, shattered. Illusions, lost. Baguettes, snapped.

    But I’m not worried in the slightest that the Conchords won’t live up to your rightfully high expectations. They are genuinely wonderful live, perhaps even better than on the telly. There’s something about their stripped-down on-stage performances that suits them: no elaborate pretense, just low-key nonsense. It’s golden. It is, in its small, inconsequential way, utterly perfect.

    Please take lots of pictures, and remember everything. And give my love to the Rhymenoceros.

    • Oh, I’ve always been much more interested in seeing them live than watching the tv show. The tv show was fun, but it wasn’t what got me interested in the first place. I can’t wait for the Banter! (Their banter deserves to be capitalized.)

      Unless I hear otherwise, I might wait until the second show to take my camera, but if I do take it, there will be photos. Fortunately, I have a very good zoom lens. 😉 I shall share with you every giddy detail, of course! And I’ll be sure to give our crooked-nose beauty all your love!

  4. Melkweg is easy to find. You can take any tram to Leidseplein, then walk toward the Stadsschouwburg. The Melkweg entrances are actually on two sides of the Lijnbaansgracht block; the outer side (where cars can drive) is the entrance to cinema, and the inner side (looks like an alley between two buildings) is the entrance to the concert hall.

    • Thanks for the details about the actual entrances. That should help clear things up for me quite a bit, especially once I check out the map.

      • No problem. My boyfriend and I once spent like 10 minutes wandering around in the dark, looking for the right entrance. If I remember correctly, it’s actually easiest to walk between the Stadsschouwburg and the cafes to the right of it (tons of outdoor tables, and there’s an Irish pub on the corner) — that puts you in the little alleyway thing where the doors are.

  5. Oh, and one other thing: make sure you’re in the right queue. There are actually two concert halls and their entrances are right next to each other. The larger hall’s entrance is on the left, and the smaller hall’s entrance is on the right. Depending on how crowded it is and how orderly people are, it can be hard to tell which queue is for which hall.

    • All of this is going to be a big help. I guess it’s the Girl Scout in me, but I like to be prepared. 😉 Since I also have to meet someone there, the more I know in advance, the easier it will be to sort out where we’ll be meeting. Dank je wel!

    • I’ll be the blond in the grey pants, black sweater, grey coat and purple scarf with the black messenger bag. If that helps. 😉

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