Pictures of the Plompetorengracht

Always the Domtoren
I wrote briefly about the Plompetorengracht last week and the history it has had moving from trade to noble residences to business over the past 600 years or so. I was walking along the canal last night after taking my dad to see the windmill here in town, and I got a few more photos that I thought I’d share. These are all looking south toward the center of town — as evidenced by the Domtoren in the distance. If you look closely in the photo above, you can also see a bit of the apse of the cathedral poking out on the left behind the lamps. I also liked the reflection of the Domtoren in the canal.

This is one of the bridges on the northern end of the canal.
And here are a few of the buildings on the street. Most are fairly simple, but still elegant and obviously built for wealthier residents.

6 thoughts on “Pictures of the Plompetorengracht

  1. Ik vind dat je hele mooie fotos maakt mevrouwtje. Ik kom zelf uit utrecht en een mooi foto plekje vind ik toch echt op het wed 😉
    daar fotograveer ik meestal 😉 x maar daanaast supet leuk dat je dit doet. Gr. Pepyn

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