A Moment in Utrecht

A Moment in Utrecht [Day 122/365]
Sunday I participated in the New York Times Moment in Time project, in which people around the world took a photo at 15:00 UTC, which worked out to be 5 p.m. for me.

Unfortunately, Sunday was a rainy day here in Utrecht, so despite the fact that it was koopzondag (shopping Sunday), there were few people about. I had gone out earlier to try to scout a good location, but wasn’t having much luck, other than in getting myself soaked in the rain. I really wanted to include some sort of clock in the image, to emphasize the particular moment in time element, but also wanted something at least somewhat attractive. I would have loved to include the domtoren somehow, but it was just too wet to go traipsing about any further. I originally tried a photo at one of the bus stops, but it just didn’t turn out very pretty, so I quickly rushed over to Lucasbolwerk to get this shot. I do like the building and I often hear the chiming of the bells at the hour and half hour, so it was relevant to me. You could say that I got lucky in getting the cyclists, since one of my other goals was to get people moving about in the image. Really, though, this is the Netherlands; how hard is it to get a shot with some cyclists. 😉

In the end, I was fairly happy with the image. It could have been much better and a bit sharper, but I figure it’s not bad considering I was also juggling an umbrella to try to keep the camera from getting wet! There’s a piece here in the New York Times Lens blog about the project and they should have more links up eventually with more photos from the project.

3 thoughts on “A Moment in Utrecht

    • Heh. I’m sure I looked ridiculous with the umbrella hooked between my shoulder and cheek, trying to keep the camera dry. I’m still amazed the photo turned out as straight as it did.

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