Alien Invasion

UFO [Day 133/365]
It’s a UFO! Oh no! Alien invasion! V is real! Run for the hills! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, didn’t mean to go all War of the Worlds on you. Don’t worry. I may be an alien, but I’m a legal one and I come from Florida, not outer space. Still, that is a UFO you see on the roof of that building. However, it didn’t come from outer space either; it’s from an art project back in 2000. It was popular enough that they left it there after the exhibit was over. It’s on top of the building known as De Inkpot (because of its shape). The building, which used to be the headquarters of the Dutch Railway, is the largest brick building in the Netherlands.

I saw photos of the UFO before I moved here, but somehow, I never got around to checking out where exactly De Inkpot was located. Obviously, I don’t spend much time on that side of town! I’ve been thinking about it recently and kept meaning to look it up, but never got around to it. Yesterday, while out shopping with my mother, we left one of the shops where I get my favorite Marimekko tins and suddenly, there it was! It’s hardly the first time I’ve been in that spot (as it’s hardly the first time I’ve been in that shop on the Oudegracht), but this was the first time I noticed that I had a view of De Inkpot and the UFO! It’s almost embarrassing how oblivious I’ve been!

Speaking of my mother, my parents are here until Tuesday, but after that, hopefully my posts will be a bit more regular and not quite so poorly written. My mother just asked me if I was drunk when I wrote the post about the Giro D’Italia. I wasn’t, but I keep getting interrupted when I try to write a post, so it ends up a complete mess. Sorry for any confusion and headaches my writing may have caused recently.

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