She’s a Rich Girl

Amy recently posted a link to an interesting map about names in the Netherlands, particularly the regional differences. It’s fascinating to see the tendencies toward certain names depending on the location, but I was particularly interested in (and amused by) the naming tendencies here in Utrecht.

Red areas would seem to coincide with affluence (or at least elitism), for the first names prevalent here are associated with socio-culturally prominent groups. These names, prominent in and around Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Haarlem among other places, are often Old Testament-y (Daniel, Sarah) come from nature (Luna), or might be French (Stéphanie, Olivier).

Thank goodness my Luna will fit right in here! Poor Lola and Pippo. I hope they don’t get teased in the schoolyard!

Luna living up to her rich-girl name:

Lola and Pippo, the buitenlanders:
Sit Anywhere

6 thoughts on “She’s a Rich Girl

  1. Since I was born and raised in Haarlem, I can tell you that it’s very true. Or at least in the circles I’m acquainted with. 😀

    Around these parts you’ll find a lot of traditional dutch names, like Sanne, Lotte, Femke, Ilse and Marjolijn/ein. Other popular names, Fleur/Floor, Eefje, Nynke (or Nienke).

    Unfortunately when some kid’s named Chantelle or Tyrone or the latest fad, Jayden, the cliches are often true.

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