Foto Vrijdag 2.21

No Little Plans [Day 146/365]
The annual Festival aan de Werf has been going on for the past week or so and as always, something interesting has gone up in the Neude square. Last year is was a giant inflatable penguin. This year it’s a massive sign. I liked the idea of that particular sign/saying juxtaposed with the Domtoren. It certainly required big plans to get the Domtoren built back in the 1300s.

5 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.21

  1. This caught my eye, not because of the scale of the sign (which is indeed impressive), but because it’s a quote from Daniel Burnham (, the architect who designed the plan for Chicago. Any discussion of the shape of the city has to include Burnham and this quotation. How funny to see it on display in Utrecht!

    And I love the composition of your shot, with the cathedral (yes?) in the background.

    • Thanks for the history lesson! I admit I haven’t gotten around to looking into the festival much this year, so I don’t know the reasoning behind choosing this quote. I’ll have to look into it now, even if the festival is over tomorrow.

      There were various trucks and poles in the way most of the time, but I was determined to get the Domtoren (the church tower next to the cathedral) into the shot, since it seemed so perfect with the sign, particularly since the Domtoren is the tallest tower in the Netherlands at 368 feet.

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