Gefeliciteerd, Utrecht!

Dutch circle party is optional, but gefeliciteerds are in order, because Utrecht is celebrating its 888th birthday today! On June 2, 1122, Emperor Henrik V officially recognized Utrecht as a city. (Don’t forget that Utrecht as an inhabited location has been around since at least 50 CE with the Roman fortifications, although there are possible inhabitants dating back to the Stone Age (2200 BCE.)

There are various events going on around town today and this week to celebrate the birthday, including special discounts and such for people whose name derives from Henrik (Henrietta, Harry, etc.). If you’re in town and curious, there’s information in Dutch here.

The sun is shining and the weather is gorgeous today; perfect weather for a birthday!

There’s lots of interesting history about Utrecht in its Wikipedia page. Check it out. For the record, the diagonal red and white shield seen above is the symbol of Utrecht. Here are a few more random photos of this lovely city.
Light and Lights
Oude Gracht
Flora and Fountain
Toren Arch
Period Piece

13 thoughts on “Gefeliciteerd, Utrecht!

  1. I hate to think how big the Dutch circle party would be for a whole city. A city full of people sitting on chairs, sipping tea and chatting while the expats stare at the clouds in boredom. I might have nightmares tonight.

    Great photos.

    Happy Birthday Utrecht.

  2. Gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je stad, Alison! :o) (If we’re going to do the Dutch circle, then let’s do the Dutch greeting ceremony as well!!)
    Lovely photos – I like the one of the gate under the Dom…
    Is de koffie klaar? hehe

    • I definitely hope to be around for the big 900! Plus there’s the whole Treaty of Utrecht celebration coming up in a few years. Lots to look forward to!

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  4. Gorgeous photography, and just the thing for someone still curious about the site of that Treaty … Always wanted to visit Utrecht & never made it, even while spending 3 weeks with friends in Amsterdam. So despite the fact that the Treaty’s date is engrained upon my memory, I still know nothing about the place: shame on me!
    Bonjour from the CΓ΄te d’Azur.

    • I’m perhaps a bit biased, but I definitely think Utrecht’s worth a visit someday! You should come for a visit in 2013, if nothing else, so that you can help celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Treaty. The city is already starting to gear up for the celebrations with special ongoing light shows. I love that they’re already planning all sorts of events for the anniversary. Just the kind of thing my history-geek heart loves! Thanks for stopping by my little blog.

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