Oranje Update

Hup Holland Hup
Goodness! I’ve gone two whole posts without anything World Cup related! (I’m sure some of you enjoyed the respite.) Some people found my blog yesterday after searching for photos of Dutch fans, so I figure I might as well make some people happy! During halftime of the Netherlands-Japan match yesterday, we took Pippo out for a break and I snapped a few shots of the large orange crowds at the various cafés and bars in the neighborhood. The orange pennants were a surprise to me, since they hadn’t been up when we went out earlier that morning for groceries. Also a surprise was the temperature. It was downright cold! It’s winter in the southern hemisphere where the games are taking place, not here! I was wearing my orange scarf, both for team support and for warmth!

I do love seeing all the orange and the fun ways people dress up to show their support for the Dutch team. It seems to be working, since Holland won their match 1-0 against Japan. Unless something drastic happens, we should be through to the next round now. Hup Holland Hup! With that thought, I’ll leave you with a few more shots of the Dutch supporters and the decorations around the neighborhood. FYI, the lion is the symbol of the Dutch team.
Dutch Fans
Oranje Everywhere
Half Time
Dutch Spirit
Welpie and Vuvuzela [Day 167/365]

7 thoughts on “Oranje Update

  1. Those are great photos! lol they really go all out of for it here. The boys were able to watch the dutch soccer game at school when they played and they set up a tv at my husband work so everyone could watch..lol it’s pretyt neat though 🙂

  2. I was out to watch the game in Rotterdam city centre and was on of those people wearing a lot of orange. It took me a little while to not feel so over the top about wearing an orange wig.

    • We specifically bought some flowers just to get two bright orange Holland hats. We may splurge and go for wigs if they make it through the next round. 😉

  3. There’s a thought. I might have already peeked with the wig. I’m not sure what to go with next of they get farther. I might have to resort to orange body paint.

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