Woordenboek Woensdag: Rust

Just a quick posting that sort of follows up on last week’s discussion of rustig vs. stil. While walking down Nachtegaalstraat the other day, I saw a sign in front of a store offering massages. At the top of the sign, it said, “Even Rust“. Having recently learned the phrase for “just looking” when shopping — Ik kijk even rond — I took that bit of info and combined it with my familiarity with rustig, and decided that even rust means something like “just relax”. If I’m horribly wrong, let me know.

Appropriately, my dictionary also lists rust as being a term for a sport’s half-time/interval. Since the rust of the football matches I’m watching are over, I’ve got to run. It’s hard to feel any rust when the US needs to win its match against Algeria if the team is to go through to the next round.

8 thoughts on “Woordenboek Woensdag: Rust

  1. Even = for a short moment, for a while
    But also even, as opposed to odd (numbers)

    Rust = A rest, Piece, Calmness, pause between periods of a sportsgame (halftime)

    I’m sure some other dutchie can come up with more…

    • Thanks, especially for the even translations. Sometimes it makes more sense and is easier to remember if you can find the right translation to make it click.

  2. People tend to say it after a really busy occasion, so it’s more like a moment of contemplation and rest&relaxation. To take a break from things.

    • We watched England for the first half, which wasn’t too stressful. Then switched to the US for the second half. Oy. I think someone forgot to tell them they could go through if they won the game. Waiting until the last moment was a bit trying!

      Good luck against Germany!

  3. The word “even” pops up in spoken Dutch all the time, as in for example, “even kijken” -which would be equivalent to saying “let’s see”. I’ve seen it trascribed as “effe”. There is a travel company, for example, that’s called “Effe Weg”.

    • From looking it up in my dictionary, it definitely seems like one of those words that gets used a lot and for a variety of reasons. Those are some of the most frustrating. 😉

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