Beesie Madness

Beesie Bouquet
It’s time for another World Cup-related post! The Netherlands plays Cameroon today in the last of the group matches. We’re pretty much set to go through unless some drastic mathematical events take place. Still, I’m hoping for a good game and a clear win today. We’re one of the few nations that have consistently won. (In a side note, I’m glad that the US has made it through, but wish they hadn’t waited until almost literally the last minute!)

Albert Heijn, one of the major grocery store chains here, has been giving out little toys with every €15 purchase. The toys are known as Beesies and they come in orange, red, white, and blue, natuurlijk. We’ve ended up with quite a few, so I had some fun with them the other day. First up was the Beesie Bouquet above. I took one of my tins and arranged the Beesies with the orange ones on the outside and the red, white, and blue ones in the center. It currently sits in our front window and has caught the attention of a few passing children. Then I started playing around with a couple of them on their own. They tend to remind me of Beaker from The Muppets, with their often startled faces.
Startled Beesies [Day 170/365]
I also had a couple of them checking out our predictions for how the World Cup would go. A few predictions obviously shocked one of them, but the other was quite pleased with our predictions for the Netherlands.
Betting Beesies
Winners and Losers
Nederland For the Win
There’s a group on Flickr devoted to photos of Beesies in all sorts of spots. It’s definitely worth checking out.

13 thoughts on “Beesie Madness

    • It’s a decent chain, but nothing special. I tend to prefer Super De Boer, but they also seem a bit pricier, or maybe we just shop there when we’re doing fancier meals. 🙂

      • Ugh, trust me, it is so much better than the Belgian chains. Cheaper too. I try to avoid the grocery stores here as much as possible and shop at the markets and local shops instead because the selection and quality is better. If AH comes here, I’d be thrilled.

    • I like the headband idea! I suppose I could wrap a couple around my ponytail! I did make a bracelet out of three of them last week. It’s fun to do all sorts of things with them.

  1. I have to say that I was dying to take a peek at your prediction for the Arg. match :o)
    Nice work with the Beesies… I have to say that I am not too fond of them so whenever I shop at the AH, I just have the cashier pass it on to the next client …. stupid, eh? :o)

    • Oh, we’ve had Argentina winning all matches except the final. 😉
      That’s nice of you to have the Beesies passed along. I like the Beesies, but there have been plenty of other things they’ve given away that we often pass up. I definitely like the smaller ones better than the big ones.

  2. Haha!! This is so funny. Minh is not a fan. He says, ‘Minh no like the beesies, mommy. They go away!’

    They really are everywhere, huh??

  3. I claimed a full set of all fourn colours early on, and bought the big orange boa-bessie. Since then, they have been getting added to each bag of groceries and are multiplying like tribbles around my apartment. I’ve started exporting them when I travel, filling my suitcases to give to friends in the US. I think that this is something like transporting the plague using long-haul airline flights. ‘love the flickr site, though…

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