Rainy Day Come My Way

Storm Cloud
This is the kind of weather we’ve been having. Hints of sunshine overwhelmed by dark storm clouds. It has its pros and cons.

On the con side, going out is a bit chancy, since you’re liable to get rained on at some point. If you bother with an umbrella, that’s just one more thing to carry. Forget taking photos. You have to juggle the camera and the umbrella and that just gets silly after a while. I know; I’ve tried it often! There’s also the matter of getting around town when it’s raining. You can walk and get rained on (even with an umbrella), or you can bike and get rained on (even with an umbrella, and I’ve seen many people bike while holding an umbrella). Many people just don’t bother with the umbrella, either wearing rain gear or just toughing it out. Yesterday I was reading about some mothers who were complaining about the “mother and child” spots being taken at their local grocery store (in the UK). So much whining! At least they have a car and somewhere to park at all! They should try it the Dutch way, in which (pregnant) women — often with another child or two in tow — do all their errands and shopping on a bike! In the rain!
(The blue bundle in front of the woman is a child bundled up.)
In All Weather

On the pro side of all this rain, we do get some wonderful light. Sometimes there’s an ethereal glow that settles over everything. Other times there’s a wonderful underwater ripple and stillness that produces lovely soft lights and shadows. The light can stop you mid-sentence with its beauty. I only wish I could capture it properly.
Storm Lighting [Day 214/365]
Even when all the color seems to disappear on a rainy day, there are still moments of quiet beauty and interest. The monochromatic effect makes you look at shapes, rather than get distracted by all the colors.

We do get a lot of rainy days, and sometimes it’s hard to find the beauty when there are a lot of them in a row, but it does help to try and look for the positives when you start to get a bit restless from cabin fever.

10 thoughts on “Rainy Day Come My Way

  1. I got completely rained on last night. In a matter of seconds I was soaked. It was horrible at first because I was on my way to meet friends but once I decided to go home and get changed and pick up an umbrella I was able to just enjoy it on the way there.

    • Getting soaked can eventually be enjoyable if you are going home. Not so much if you’re going to meet someone. Not long after moving here, we had walked to the local Gamma for a gallon of paint and some other bits and pieces. It’s just far enough, that we do prefer to drive when we go now. We didn’t realize that at the time, and as we were walking home, lugging heavy paint and awkwardly sized bits and pieces, we got caught in a massive deluge. At first we were horrified, but then we just decided to laugh and enjoy it.

      • The best time I ever had that happen was as a teenager coming home from my weekend job. At first it was a bit scary because it was raining so hard and there was thunder and lighting going off all around and very close. But after a while I was able to just enjoy the impressive force of nature.

  2. I came home from work last week to find two kids doing a “ta-da!” impromtu fashion show in the living room… Why? becuase Himself took little one on his bike and bigger one on her own bike to visit Oma, 3/4 of the way there the heavens open and there was a cloudburst, so three drowned rats soaked to the bone,(even though their jackets!) the two littlest of which were very wet and very very miserable.
    (and I mean tears kind of miserable)
    They arrived at destination, said “Hoi Oma”, and made a bee-line for her shower…Himself stripped both kids off and got them under warm water, Oma got blankets for them to cuddle into, and Himself sprinted several blocks to Hema, stood in the shop dripping furiously with a new T-shirt and shorts for himself, and complete set of everything for the kids, even underwear.
    Needless to say they waited for a drier patch to cycle home.
    So: Cloudburst + cycles + kids = New Clothes.
    …Oh… and a “big drama story” for Mama when she got home (you know the sort,) when a 5 year old boy says ” it’s raining so hard the puddles were THIS deep!!!” and dramatically puts his hands at his waist level LOL. (he was on the back of Himself’s bike remember LOL) yep, it CAN rain here can’t it ? LOL.

    • On the plus side, the massive downpours do seem to be over quickly here. And yay! A trip to the Hema!

      I went to university in New Orleans and the puddles (or lakes) that formed on campus during a normal rain did sometimes seem to be waist high. On rainy days we basically had two shoe options: barefoot or galoshes.

  3. The only plus side is that because the country is so flat, if the wind just picks up a bit the rain will have moved on quite quickly.

    And everyone who’s ever went to school in NL, will recognise the misery of getting caught in a deluge on the way to school. Especially when wearing jeans. In the winter. Brrr!!

    • Yeah, wet jeans when you have to sit through class is not a fun experience. While the weather outside in New Orleans was often quite warm, the inside of the buildings would be quite cold from the A/C, so I can imagine a bit of your misery.

  4. That last picture is really nice! we used to like it when it rained on the way to school, because the teacher would let us bring a pair of slippers in, which are always more cosy.

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