Everyone Loves Frites

Patat Met Goth
It’s that time of year when all the Goth kids converge on Utrecht for the Summer Darkness festival. I love this festival, because it means that the streets of Utrecht get that little bit more interesting as you see some fantastically dressed people out and about. It also takes me back to my younger days when I had a certain fondness for all things goth, myself. I still have my favorite Bauhaus T-shirt and various albums by The Damned and Misfits and Christian Death.

Today, G and I headed over to the Domplein to see one of the fashion shows and to check out all the other people checking out the market. There were some good looks, but no one stood out to me as much as a couple of the people from last year. I might go back again tomorrow to take some more photos. I’ll certainly post more of the photos I took today.

I had to post this one, though. We rounded the corner from Servietstraat onto the Oudegracht and when I saw this couple, sitting there eating their patat met and seated next to the colorful big ice cream cone, I couldn’t resist. I did ask first if I could take their photo and they graciously agreed. I enjoyed getting shots of normal looking people contrasted with the Goths, or pictures of Goths doing normal things, but this was the piece de resistance. Love it!

As G said, “Even Goths like frites“.

14 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Frites

    • Thanks so much! I just added some photos of a bike ride we took around a lovely part of town. It’s a nice way to enjoy some of these last days of summer. I hope you’re having a good one!

  1. you really MUST go to Castle Fest with us next time! You would love it!! I have never been “goth” myself, but I do like some of the music and I find it so amazing the dedication that some people have to that particular genre/lifestyle. I once also went to Wave-Gothik-Treffen Music Festival in Liepzig and I can tell you, it was probably the most calm and relaxed festival I’ve ever been to! (I’m actually going next year again as I have a friend who goes every year and they are renting a house for that period, so that solves the should-I-or-should-I-not-put-myself-though-festival-camping-hell dilema)

    • See, I actually do like a lot of the music, and I like looking at some of the outfits they come up with — much fancier than back in my day — but some of it’s just silly, and yeah, that’s a lot of dedication to a lifestyle! Your photos from Castle Fest looked fun, particularly from an almost anthropological/sociological perspective! There were some “interesting” people there! πŸ™‚

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