Sunday Morning Bike Ride

Bike Path
Despite finally having a bike and getting a bit more comfortable riding, I hadn’t been out for a proper ride other than a quick circling around the small section where I live. G and I had talked of doing a ride, but inevitably it got put off because of weather or Pippo getting sick or sheer laziness. Today, however, we finally went.

I managed not to crash, fall off, or weave too badly, although I still prefer to bike where there are fewer people or cars likely to pass me. They throw off my balance a bit. Since I’m still wobbly at times, I figured it was best that I not take my real camera, so I went with the camera phone instead, since that fit one of my pockets. I’m so glad I did, because we saw some lovely buildings and an adorable cat.

We headed over to the area north of Biltstraat, heading for Poortstraat and the picturesque bike path that runs along the nearby canal.

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There’s a lovely house on the corner and a park that runs alongside it, with some beautiful flowers lining the pathway, as you can see in the first photo I posted. Further down, we came across a long row of these gingerbread-like houses with their lovely gables and cheerful yellow paint.
This Charming House
On the other side of the street was the Paardenkathedraal (Horse Cathedral), which I’ve been wanting to see after seeing someone else’s photo. It’s a quirky cross between a Tudor house and a castle. It used to be a horse-riding arena for the college of veterinary medicine, but eventually became a theater, which it still is today.
De Paardenkathedraal
A lot of the old college of veterinary medicine buildings are in this area, with many of them reworked to serve a new purpose. One of these is Snijzaal, which is now an atelier/open café/theater kind of place. Seems like when the animals move out the actors move in.
Red Door [Day 225/365]

Heading back to Poortstraat, we saw this fantastic old advertisement painted on a building. It’s an ad for butter and basically translates to say, “The right address for quality butter made from cream is H.J. de Groot”, followed by the old (short!) telephone number.

Toward the end of our ride, we passed this adorable cat, who seemed quite determined that she wanted inside. She was pawing at the window and meowing periodically. She looks so much like my own Luna, both long and lean and determined to get what they want.
Let Me In!

It was a fun ride through a beautiful section of town that we haven’t explored quite as much. Every time I wander through the area, I want to see more and more.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Bike Ride

  1. sweet! bike rides are awesome, especially when it involves discovering the very city that you live in! You’ll get more and more used to biking and then you can take the “big” camera along as well (I still get nervous about it but have never ever crashed my bike whilst “touring”… only when not completely sober…).

    You’ll be ready to go with the Big Kids soon 😉

    • The ride really was a lot of fun, although my tush is complaining a bit today! I’m looking forward to being steady enough to take anything along, camera or otherwise!

      • This cat and Luna must have some Siamese genes in them. I always worry that Luna is too thin (of course, when they stretch out like that, they look even thinner), but according to the vets, she’s normal. I wish I knew her secret! Of course, our other cat, Lola, is a totally different build. Her nickname is sausage. 😉

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