Cat Training

Is It Worth It?
Cute, isn’t she? This is Lola. She’s the adventurer who likes to rush outside any time a back door is open. She’s also the one who jumped up onto the very tall wall in our back garden and lead to me injuring my knee so that I couldn’t get around very well for about a month. As a result of that misadventure, I don’t let her out into the back garden downstairs; she’s restricted to the terrace upstairs.

The problem is that because I can’t let her out downstairs, I also can’t open the back door to let any air in when it’s warm and stuff inside. Today, after coming back from grocery shopping and feeling like the downstairs was a bit stuffy, I came up with a solution to our problems. You see, I recently dug up our cat harness and leash, which is a lifesaver when having to get Luna somewhere, since she hates being crated, but she is ok with the harness. We’ve also got a rope hanging from the terrace balcony upstairs, used to haul items up from the kitchen when necessary, saving an awkward trip up the stairs. I decided to tie the rope (at a safe length) to the leash and put Lola in the harness, thus letting her go outside, without going too far to get in trouble. Everyone should be happy, right?

Wrong. Lola hates the harness. I had hoped that with a bit of time and the lure of being outdoors, she’d get over it. I was wrong. She did go outside — well, I picked her up and put her out there and she stayed for a few minutes — but she was not happy about it at all. She soon made her way back inside.

Best laid plans, etc. Oh well. At least the weather is cooling off now, so I probably won’t be as tempted to try it again this year. But next summer! Let’s just say I may try getting her used to the harness slowly throughout this winter so that this becomes an option for next summer. Wish me luck!

(No cats were harmed in the making of this video. I took her out of the harness as soon as I finished filming and she went back to her normal self. Promise! Oh, and forgive the mess in the house. So embarrassing! Trash had just been taken out, recycling has to go out, and a lot of stuff has been dumped for the moment while I work on a few projects.)

2 thoughts on “Cat Training

  1. Trying to train any cat sounds like an imposable task :p Maybe you need one of those baby gate things for doorways. Although having said that I don’t know if they are high enough to stop a cat jumping over them.

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