Autumn Approaches


In the past few days, I’ve noticed the leaves starting to change and starting to fall. Autumn is fast approaching. I like autumn, so I don’t mind. It’s certainly still in the pretty stage, as you can see from this photo I took this afternoon at Janskerkhof.

10 thoughts on “Autumn Approaches

  1. Autumn is fast approaching, yes. I somehow like the melancholy that comes with it, but I find that the season lacks that golden glow that I used to love back home in Córdoba; instead, autumn here tends to be rather gloomy. I’m fine with that, as long as it’s not *too* gloomy for too long 😀
    Lovely picture!!

    • We do get that autumn glow on occasion, particularly in the mornings, but it has been quite gloomy so far this year. Hopefully it will brighten up soon. The grey weather sometimes makes the oranges and yellows really pop, but a nice balance would be good. 😉

    • Autumn colours are often so vivid. It’s like one last big hurrah before the bareness of winter. The spot that I photographed is always so lovely; an oasis of leafy calm in the city center.

    • The increasingly early sunsets are the only part I don’t really like. If we could have summer sunlight hours, but with the cooler autumn temperatures, I’d be in heaven.

    • Oh, that’s right! I forgot about the mushrooms! I need to look for them the next time I take my dog out to his usual area. I got some lovely shots the first year we were here.

    • The mountains in NC and Tennessee are always gorgeous in the fall. I was lucky that it was fall the last time I was there and the range of colors was absolutely beautiful.

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