Foto Vrijdag 2.41 St. Antonius Gasthuis

St. Antonius Gasthuis
Just down the street from the Rietveld-Schröder House is the St. Antonius Gasthuis. Two drastically different styles of architecture on one street, but both are eye-catching. The Gasthuis was built in 1910 as a hospital and remained in operation until 1983, when it moved to Nieuwegein. The majority of the hospital was torn down, but the main entrance building (the part first built in 1910) was turned into houses and apartments.

To see a photo of the gasthuis in its full, original, and massive glory, check out this website. It’s in Dutch, but you can see a photo of the building, nonetheless. Prins Hendriklaan, the street on which it stands, looks much different now! Today, it’s a quiet, residential, tree-lined street.

4 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.41 St. Antonius Gasthuis

  1. I love your new Mondriaanesque header, good job!!
    I think I recognize this building – is it in the Museumkwartier?
    Groetjes! 😀

    • I think I might know which building you’re thinking of, but no, this one is technically outside the city center. It’s to the east of Wilhelmina Park. Still within walking distance, but a bit more of a trek. Very charming neighborhoods, though!

  2. You are the first incoming link on my WordPress Blog. (See Developing a Better Neighorhood, above). Automatically generated under possibly related posts. I lived in Maastricht for 4 months. What a great place. So glad I found your site. I love the Dutch and the architecture there.

    • Welcome! It’s always interesting to see related blogs/topics. Dutch architecture really is lovely and it’s great that there’s such a mix of both traditional and modern. I’ve not yet visited Maastricht, but it looks beautiful and very interesting from what I’ve seen and read so far.

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