Foto Vrijdag 2.42 Bull Riding

Goal for the Day
A few months ago, I saw a photo of this statue on Flickr and was curious about it, since I hadn’t come across it before. Turns out it was on Mariaplaats, so not exactly out of the way. It’s just not a part of town that I visit that often, it seems. I wanted to go and see it myself, and finally went this past Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny morning, so G, Pippo and I headed out to find the statue. We ended up wandering through some areas I haven’t been before and I got to know some other areas a bit better. It was a good day for getting some interesting photos. Somehow I liked the inclusion of the gentleman sitting to the right. And it’s not a Dutch photo if there aren’t some bikes in the shot!

4 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.42 Bull Riding

  1. Great composition! It’s a shame the bikes are in the shot but I understand they are unavoidable in this country. I agree, the man adds to the character of this photo.

  2. for some reason, the city counsil decided to move this statue to the Rijnlaan, which is not in the city centre but just a neighbourhood. Shame, I liked it there. I think it depicts the Greek myth of Europa on the bull.

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