Sunday in Utrecht

Green Canopy
There’s a “Sundays in My City” blog theme that one of my fellow expats participates in each week. I thought I’d do one too this week. We had originally planned on going to a special autumn market taking place this weekend, but when Pippo realized we were going out, he thought he was going with us, as he has the past few weeks. In the end, we felt guilty, so we scrapped the market plan and took Pippo for a long walk instead. Well, it wasn’t as long as we originally planned. Although we started out the walk in bright, glorious sunshine (I even had my sunglasses with me), we ended the walk getting rained on most of the way home. Typical autumn weather, really.

We walked down Breedstraat toward the Oudegracht, and along the way, I saw a window with this street sign that caught my eye:
Broadway on Breedstraat
Please note that the photo is so washed out, because the sun was shining so blindingly through the trees at that point. Things soon changed once we got to Zwartewater, the area we decided to head to today. As you can see, the clouds were moving in quickly.
Cloud Cover
I managed to get a few photos of the spot I wanted to revisit.
Zwartewater Revisited
Then, as I tried to get a few photos on the other side of the bridge, the rain drops started to fall.
Reflections in Blue
We headed back home along the Zwartewater canal and saw a few more lovely spots along the way.
Two Paths

Rise and Fall
By then, the rain was really starting to come down. Perfect timing, since my batteries were also dead at that point. Typically, though, by the time we returned home, the sun was coming back out and it ended up being a lovely, sunny afternoon. I hope you’ve been enjoying your own Sunday, wherever you may be!

8 thoughts on “Sunday in Utrecht

  1. Love the pics! I live near Utrecht and if you would like to have some company during your walks, I would like to join!!


  2. Gorgeous photos! Yesterday was crazy! We did the opposite – I went to walk Turner and saw it was pouring. So we trudged back upstairs, got his raincoat, my wellies, and an umbrella, went back down and it had stopped raining completely! By the time we got to the dog run, it was super sunny. This time of year drives me nuts!

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