Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween from our Black Cat Brigade! Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays in America. I like ghost stories. I love black cats. I love Edgar Allen Poe. I love black and orange. I love chocolate. I wasn’t really a fan of dressing up in costumes for myself, but I enjoyed finding costumes for Pippo. Really, what is there not to like about Halloween! I had all sorts of fun decorations for the house, but sadly, I left them all behind. Halloween is just another day here, really, although there have been a few Halloween-themed events this weekend.

Fortunately, it turns out a friend of mine is going to be sending me some candy corn, and I’ve always got my black cat familiars at my side, so all is not lost. I might read a few of my favorite Poe stories today, too. In the meantime, I wish you a happy and safe Halloween and leave you with a few photos of “the kids” Halloween-themed pictures.

Lola does her Dracula impersonation
Dracula impersonation

Which one is Luna and which is the decoration?
Cats checking out cats

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I tried candy corn for the first time this week. One of my American co-workers brought some into the office. I liked them but I don’t think I could eat too many.

    Lola Dracula impersonation reminds me of Lee Evens stand-up routine about cat’s doing ‘that Dracula ku-fu sh*t’ when they get surprised.

  2. As I get older, I find that most candy is only good in small doses. As candy corn is pretty much pure sugar, it’s definitely something to eat only in tiny amounts. But that’s ok. It just means it lasts longer!

    I’ve seen Lee Evans stuff before, but hadn’t seen the cat bit until I just went looking. Perfect description of it all! 😀

  3. We adopted a black kitten last week and the volunteer said she was required to tell us that we couldn’t abuse it on Halloween. Oh dear. There was an article in a NY paper this morning telling us that they don’t adopt out black cats at this time of year. She’s a sweetheart and we are glad we have her.

    • Welcome to the Black Cat Brigade! Congrats on adopting a black cat! I think they’re the best! Sadly, there are awful people out there who do think it’s ok to hurt black cats in particular, especially around this time of the year. It’s fairly standard practice across the US not to adopt out black cats right before Halloween, just to be on the safe side. I hope you and your new kitty are going to be very happy together!

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