Foto Vrijdag 2.45 Birthday Edition

Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend! I’m particularly fond of this photo of him with our dog, Pippo, because it shows how they both wait so patiently, without a word of complaint, as I’m constantly stopping to take photos. Plus, they’re both so handsome! I’m a very lucky woman.

5 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.45 Birthday Edition

  1. Happy birthday to your boyfriend! The photo is excellent: the two waiting patiently, plus all the green and the leaves on the ground… very nice atmosphere!
    Gefeliciteerd jij ook!

  2. Via the strange Dutch tradition ” Happy Birthday to you both!!!” you know the idea, where a couple are “one” ergo you also get congratulated on his Birthday, and he on yours.
    It’s one Dutch tradition that still catches me out and doesn’t sit naturally even after more than 18 years here LOL.
    However you celebrate today, Have fun!!!!

  3. (slightly belated) Gefeliciteerd to your boyfriend! I hope you both had a nice day. I love the photo, I’ve been pleasantly surprised how beautiful the Netherlands has been after the leaves have fell.. I took a picture of a street in Leiden that I’ll have to post on my blog at some point.

    Anyway, congratulations on the well trained dog (and boyfriend!)

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