Wine Tasting Travel Tips

Stadsschouwburg Bus Stop Pano
Today’s the day of the wine tasting, and if you’re coming in from out of town, the easiest way to get to the Café de Potdeksel if you’re coming in by train is to take the bus. You can take Bus 4 (destination Burg Fockema Andreaelaan), Bus 11 (destination Uithof UMC WKZ) or Bus 53 (destination Zeist) and get off at the Stadsschouwburg stop. It’s a short ride, only five minutes or so. You could walk (about a 15 minute walk or so), and see a bit of the city, but with the rain today, the bus may be the drier option.

In the photo above, the far right is where the bus stops for the Stadsschouwburg. Be careful crossing the street, since that section has seen a few accidents in the past months. In the middle is the Stadsschouwburg itself, and on the left, between the bicycles is Lucasbolwerk, the street you need to walk down. The Café de Potdeksel is at the end of the street. The main entrance is at the terrace end.
Our Local
If you click on either of the photos posted, they each have notes on them that may help clarify directions. We look forward to seeing those of you who are coming!

5 thoughts on “Wine Tasting Travel Tips

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  2. Sorry we couldn’t come… I slipped on a stairs a few weeks ago and moving slowly with bruises fading slowly, Himself suffered a severe ankle injury 3/4 of the way whilst running the Laan Van Meedervoort 10 km race last Sunday and is on crutches for the next few weeks… and to add to his misery he spent yesterday in bed feeling green after spending the early morning over the W.C.
    I’ve been busy playing taxi driver (Our Lady of the TomTom I love you at the moment!) and completed 5 appointments this weekend, phew… and it would have been 6 had we not canceled our Saturday dinner guests (for obvious reasons). Timing is clearly off on many levels at the moment. darn.

    • While it would have been nice to finally meet, you both have my sympathy. I’ve been dealing with back and hip pain for the past couple of weeks and was fortunate that it wasn’t bothering me too much today. If we do another tasting in spring, as we’re considering, we’ll definitely let you know. I hope you’re both feeling better soon, regardless!

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