Haute Klompen

Platform Stiletto Clogs
I think I’m in love.

I love shoes. Clichéd, perhaps, but true. I particularly love shoes with pointy toes and high, thin heels. Sadly, I don’t get to wear them as often here, because the brick sidewalks and streets like to grab on to those thin heels and not let go. It ruins the look to be strutting along and suddenly walk right out of your shoe.

But I might give it another try just to be able to wear these shoes! Hilarious and gorgeous, all at once! I do like the platform stilettos that are all the rage these days, so I already like the silhouette of these shoes. When you add in that they’ve been made to look like the traditional Dutch klompen (clogs), they become irresistible in a kitschy, sexy kind of way!

2 thoughts on “Haute Klompen

  1. OMG, I love ’em! I know exactly what you mean about walking on cobblestones in heels. While in holiday in Spain I attempted this feat and it resulted in me eating gravel. Not a pretty sight! However, it was quite the learning experience!

    • I discovered the difficulty for the first time some years ago when I was in Italy. Wanting to be stylish and not the normal tourist, I thought I´d dress up a bit, heels included. I was wobbling all over the place! I don´t know how Italian women do it! I´ve noticed here that most heels tend to be a bit thicker. I don´t think it´s just a fashion choice.

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