Foto Vrijdag 2.46 Lunar Birthday

Ten years ago today, Luna, my beloved little black cat came into my life. I adopted her from the ASPCA in Manhattan early one Saturday morning. It was love at first sight! Unfortunately, the ASPCA was short-staffed that day and I was a bit nervous over the whole thing — not helped by my reference who was supposed to be home, not being home — so in the end, I didn’t get to find out anything about her background. She was supposedly four years old, but I’m not sure if that was set in stone or just an estimate. I figure she’s between 12 and 14 now and still going strong!

I’ve always thought of Luna as the quintessential New York woman. She’s thin, dressed all in black, has attitude, and one hell of a loud voice! I figure she must have some Siamese in her. She’s got a similar build and has the loud, chatty voice that Siamese supposedly have. In fact, the day I got her, she was putting that voice to good use! I had originally planned on taking her back to my place in Queens via the subway, but considering how loud and persistent she was, I thought that might earn me a few dirty looks. Instead, I grabbed the first cab I could find. At one point, the driver was talking to the dispatch person on the other end of the radio, and suddenly I heard him say, “It’s a cat.” Obviously, even the dispatch person could hear Luna’s howls over the radio!

I adopted her the weekend before the American Thanksgiving, knowing I’d have a short work week, thus giving us more time to bond. Bond we did, over a cooked bird of our own. She still loves turkey and was always the first in line when I was going over the bones picking off the last bits of meat. She certainly gets her fair share. No turkey bones these days, but she still gets a bit of the meat. How could I resist her! I love her absolutely and am so lucky she came into my life. Happy birthday to my lovely little Luna!

3 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.46 Lunar Birthday

  1. Luna I love you… you look like you are related to my childhood pet Endora who was also a skinny short haired jet black lady feline.
    Our Endora had a myriad of adventures over the years that at times definiately dented her dignity and probably cost her a few of her 9 nine lives, but she lived to a ripe old age of 19 1/2 so I hope that you too Luna have many many years of love and turkey in you… Happy Birthday!!!

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