A Clown By Any Other Name …

This is Pippo (PEE-poe).

This is also Pippo.

You see, we named our dog after the Italian version of Disney’s character, Goofy. With those ears, we had to! Our Pippo can be pretty goofy, too.

In the US, the name was lost in translation, so to speak. We had to explain it, if people asked. In fact, the vet put a little notation about it on Pippo’s file! However, here in the Netherlands, the name actually translates from Italian to Dutch, in a general way. You see, this is also Pipo.

Here, there’s a famous Pipo the Clown. He was featured in a tv series and a musical and made a number of records and such. I was first introduced to the concept of Pipo the Clown via Pipoos, a chain of craft stores here in the Netherlands. I eventually learned about the clown himself.

The common thread among all three Pippos seems to be clownish, goofy behavior.
It's a Bit Small
Yup. That seems about right!

10 thoughts on “A Clown By Any Other Name …

    • I came soooo close to using one of the pictures of him in his jammies, but I figured he didn’t look too amused in those photos. More like the Sad Clown of Life!

  1. The top picture of him is great. He looks like such a happy dog! He looks like he’s on the fietspad too, which is funny since my dog refuses to walk on the sidewalk when there is a fietspad nearby. Something about the reddish color, maybe?

    • He gets so excited when he outside; he’s like a puppy again. As for where he is, he’s generally oblivious to the difference between field, street, sidewalk and fietspad. Fortunately, I’m not so oblivious!

  2. Hee, he looks so ready for adventure in the first pic. Any adventure!

    Plus about Pipo the clown, no Dutchie has any trouble pronouncing his name. 😉

    • Indoors, he’s the sad, pathetic puppy who has the hardest life. Ever! Outdoors, he’s happy puppy ready to sniff anything and everything and cover five kilometers for every one that I walk. As for the pronunciation, that was for the Americans who always pronounced his name with a short I, instead of the long one. 😉

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