Foto Vrijdag 2.50 Golden Arch

The snow they’ve been predicting off and on all week has arrived with a vengeance, it seems. Transportation seems to have ground to a standstill across the country. I’m glad we’re snug at home. Still, I think it’s warmer than it was Sunday when we went to the Christmas market (kerstmarkt). It was a cold but pretty day, with some beautiful golden sunlight toward the later part of the afternoon. I particularly liked the golden reflection on this bridge, which is at the very southern end of the old city center of Utrecht.

6 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.50 Golden Arch

    • Yeah, you guys further north (or maybe just everyone outside the Utrecht city center) really got it bad! We’ve got a fair bit of accumulation here (and it’s still here this morning), but not as much as other areas, from what I saw of various friends’ photos. Either way, it seems to have been enough to bring the entire transportation system to a grinding halt from what I’ve heard. I’ve got friends that were stuck for lack of trains, who I’m not sure if they’ve actually gotten home yet. Must go check Twitter!

      • It grew by another inch or 2. No really, dear weathergods, we are more than appreciative for finally having a true snowy winter, but no more.

        • We ended up getting a LOT of snow Saturday night, much more than we had Friday. It’s still coating everything pretty solidly this morning. I wouldn’t mind a “white Christmas”, but otherwise … I just wish roads and sidewalks got cleared here! I may have to make my way to Gamma for a snow shovel!

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