Kerstdagen Roundup

Ik Geloof
I hope you’ve all had a great few days, whether celebrating or not. We kicked off our celebrations Friday night with a delicious dinner of octopus (looks like an alien, tastes delicately like shrimp/lobster). Afterward, we headed over to the Potdeksel for a special Music Quiz Night. There were two games of five rounds. We didn’t do so well the first game, but the second game was a different story. We were getting correct answers left and right and eventually won the game with a tie-breaker thanks to our knowledge of local music sensation Sjarrel en Sjaan and their performance of the classic “Christmas in Cupertino”. 😉

We were ridiculously thrilled to finally win! Thanks to our Dutch team member, Mer, for her help with translation and famous Dutch voices, as well as her fine company! Our prize for the evening was a large bottle of Palm beer and an accompanying glass, as well. Rather snazzy! I think we might be cracking open a bottle this evening.
Palm Prize
Christmas day itself was lovely. A bit of a late start to the day, a bit of present unwrapping, and then a lot of food and wine! We went with what has become a tradition with my parents and me, skipping the massive turkey dinner and instead having a variety of finger foods/appetizers to snack on. We had deviled eggs (natuurlijk!), smoked salmon, cheese-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, chicken pieces wrapped in bacon with a honey mustard glaze, blue cheese tartlettes, eggplant balls, and crepes filled with a cheesy spinach mixture. All lekker, if I say so myself, since I was the chef! Later in the evening, we did give a nod to the Italians at the table with some pasta and some pan d’oro for dessert.
Christmas Lunch

Our furry kids seemed to enjoy themselves, as well. They dined with us on a few nibbles and Pippo certainly enjoyed helping me unwrap presents. He never tries to tear paper any other time of year, but he seems to understand Christmas. He immediately grabbed a bit of wrapping paper from the gift I was unwrapping and started to pull. He did a fine job!
Our Tweede Kerstdag has been quiet and mellow, with bits of sunshine popping out on occasion. A nice way to spend the day! I hope you all have had equally pleasant days, no matter what you’ve been up to!

3 thoughts on “Kerstdagen Roundup

  1. It sounds like you had a quite varied Christmas celebration. The food sounds really delicious – it reminds me of our Christmas Eve’s dinners back in Argentina: since it’s so warm there and everyone is just anxious to be done with the food to dive into the swimming pool, we generally have a variety of cold dishes, mostly finger food.
    How was il pan d’oro? We have almost finished our panettone glassato alla nocciola and I’m actually quite please that none of our Dutch guests even attempted to spread butter on it, like hey do with the stol 😀

  2. Good on you to go with nibble finger food! Since the chef of our house (moi) can’t stand up properly at present (that’s plaster and not booze responsible for this) we were left in a situation where I sat and gave instructions to a gallant Himself as he slaved in the kitchen to make a Christmas Dinner for eleven. I simplified things by ditching the turkey for a leg of lamb roast, ( ‘cos Himself has had practice at doing lamb before)and added roast parsnip, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots plus pan fried green asparagus, peas, green beans, and a salad. Yep, a lot of veggies here, but half the family who attended are vegetarian. There was also grilled maple salmon for those who preferred fish to lamb and a pumpkin soup. Homemade ice-cream tart for dessert, then a cheese board and coffee.
    A friend who also came for Christmas helped with table setting and I sat in the kitchen whilst she fetched ingredients so I could make dessert the day before.
    I prepped most of the veggies and in-laws bought the cheese board.
    So teamwork pulled it off and we ate well, but not too heavy since there were so many veggies.
    It tried hard to snow whilst we ate but the fresh stuff didn’t amount to much luckily. I love how you amend your Christmas menu to suit your style and how excellent it all looks too! Pippo too looks like he’s having a great time!
    My 5 year old provided entertainment here by sneaking notes ” from Santa” under the tree ” to trick people”.
    (he still very very much believes in Santa: he just wanted others to think that Santa was hiding in our house leaving notes)
    I’m sure his 5 year old handwriting gave things away, as does the spelling” happy nyoo year lave santa” as did copious amounts of felt marker pen in matching colours to the cards on his face and hands. Naturally “of course” we were all fooled and he exploded into a fit of giggles each time we expressed surprise.
    I do however think that Pippo beat Little Mr to the Best Christmas Paper Shredder title this year. Well done Pippo!

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