Lekker Ding
The end of the year is drawing near, and that also means the end of the oliebollen season. Soon the kraam (stall) will be gone from Neude (and other locations), and any oliebollen will have to be made at home. Since that involves deep frying, it means I don’t get any until the next winter holiday season. So, before they’re gone from my life for another year, I’m enjoying a last few of these delightful fried dough balls. The powdered sugar is like the last dusting of snow that’s still on the ground here.
I want to get a photo of the domtoren tomorrow for my last photo of the year. I’m pretty sure that will also entail one last stop at the oliebollen kraam. See the year out on a high note!

6 thoughts on “Oliebollen

    • Homemade oliebollen sound good! The ones I got from the bakkerij were definitely the best, and probably a bit closer to “homemade”. I got to watch the guy frying them up. Straight from the oil to my bag!

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