Foto Vrijdag 2.52 Project 365 Complete

Shroud [day 365/365]
It’s official. I successfully and honestly completed Project 365. One photo taken every day. There were days when it was a bit of a last-minute snap of random items, and I definitely seem to have done a better job the first half of the year, but I’m glad I completed the challenge. I certainly think it has made me pay more attention to things around me and certainly helped me get used to looking at things in new ways.

Today, despite the fog and light drizzle, I headed out to take my last photograph for the project. I wanted to get some sort of photo of the Domtoren. It’s one of my favorite spots in town, plus, my first photo of the year was taken there, so it seemed a nice way to end things. As I said, it is a very foggy day today, so when I first entered the square behind the Stadhuis (the location of this photo), I was shocked to realize that taking a photo of the Domtoren might not be so easy! It was hardly visible! Still, I ended up taking a number of photos of it, from all sorts of angles, and came up with some photos that I really am happy with, including this next one:

As for the second half of 2010, my photos definitely weren’t quite as good. I got a bit lazy with it, and I also used my camera phone a lot, so the quality wasn’t as good, either. On the other hand, I do feel like I ended up with photos that will serve as a reminder of random events, so what I lost in artistic style, I made up in memories. Still, no reason why you can’t have both! I guess that will be my general goal for future photos.

I don’t plan on specifically doing the Project 365 again at the moment, but I am hoping to post a photo-a-day of Utrecht here on my blog. Not every photo will be taken that day, but I hope to have new photos taken each week.

In the meantime, here are some of the photos from the last half of the year.
So Handsome [Day 188/365]

Funny Face [Day 189/365]

Contrast [Day 236/365]

Clouds Part [Day 266/365]

Golden Achievement [Day 269/365]

Goal for the Day [day 288/365]

Up the Nose [Day 232/365]

Birdie [Day 332/365]

12 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.52 Project 365 Complete

  1. Well done Alison! I love opening my email and seeing a new post from you in my inbox. Thank you for a brilliant year of photos, you are a delight (but I do have to admit that Pippo steals the show).
    …btw I the LOVE the top photo here of the Dom Tower in the mist… atmospheric and moody and just beautiful.
    Wishing you a brilliant 2011, full of joy, laughter, photos, fun, and inspiring blog posts.
    <>> From Den Haag ! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Very nice photos! The ones of the Domtoren are great – the fog actually gave the first one an air of mystery… and in the second one, iI like the light and the bare tree branches that you can see at the end of the tunnel.
    Pippo looks very handsome! Is that Luna? Cute lazy thing! And the little bird in the last one is also a dear!
    Brava!!! 😀

    • The fog that day ended up being a blessing, and not a photographic curse. Wat sfeer! 😀

      The lazy cat, in this case, is Lola. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve caught her in such abandon! The little bird was hard to catch at all, tending to fly away as soon as I entered the kitchen, but with a bit of photo editing, I was able to get rid of the worst of the glare of the window and I like the almost jungle-life feel it ended up with. It’s funny how photos you don’t think will be any good can turn out half-way decent, or at least interesting in their own way.

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