Utrecht Daily Photo

Having completed Project 365, I think my new photo project for this year will be a daily photo of Utrecht. The catch is that I mean I will post a photo of the city here on my blog every day, not that I will take a photo of the city every day. I know just from last year that that’s just not realistic. However, I do tend to take a lot of photos at a time when I specifically head out to photograph the city, so the extras should carry me over on the days I’m not inclined to head outdoors for whatever reason. Of course, I figure this is also a good excuse to head out to areas I haven’t visited as often.

Today’s photo was taken today, and carries over from yesterday’s Domtoren shot. The fog from yesterday disappeared — perhaps burnt off by all the fireworks last night — and we’ve had a day of sunshine and blue skies contrasted against sunshine and dark clouds. It’s one of those classic Dutch skies where there’s a bit of everything all at once. I’ve photographed them before and couldn’t resist some of the shots today. I went with this shot, since I figured it was good to start the year off — and a new project — with the Domtoren in some form. After all, this is a series of photos of Utrecht, and the Domtoren is Utrecht’s most recognizable symbol.

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “Utrecht Daily Photo

  1. Happy 2011 Alison!
    You got the dramatic sky and I got the boring one, today here in The Hague has been simple: blue sky with a more or less horizontal line half way up the sky, cloud on the top side a deep threatening shade of black. More Snow? Who knows.
    Like you I love Dutch light.. there IS a very special quality to it that just isn’t the same anywhere else.
    I love the drama that it gives to your photo, Well Done!

    • We do get some fantastically dramatic skies here. I love the mix of black cloud and bright blue sunshine/sky. It’s truly awe-inspiring sometimes. The light today has also been quite good, alternating between an almost other-worldly golden hue and dark and threatening. The trick is catching it in time! I missed some particularly lovely light this morning because I was about five minutes too slow getting myself moving!

    • Good luck with Project 365. I hope this time it sticks with you! I got lucky and only had one or two close calls, but remembered to take at least some sort of shot at the very last minute!

      My camera is a point-and-shoot, although it’s a decent one.
      According to Flickr, it’s a Sony DSC-H5. It’s got a good zoom option and generally does a good job. Would probably be even better if I read the manual a bit more closely! πŸ˜‰

  2. Dramatic sky that matches the dignified image of the Domtoren. I like it, Alison! Good idea to post one picture of Utrecht per day – taking a photo each day does sound a bit difficult to achieve. I tend to take hundreds in just one day, but then if I don’t go for a walk or a ride or do a city tour, an entire week can go by without me even taking the camera out of the bag! πŸ˜€

    • I do the same thing, in which I take tons of photos when I’m specifically out to photograph things. I figure those masses of photos will come in handy for the daily Utrecht photos. Still, having to take at least one photo every day definitely has made me look at ordinary household things in a new light.

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