Keizerstraat Chimney (UDP)

Smoke Stack
Utrecht has a long history of silversmiths, dating back hundreds of years. One of the more recent silversmith families was the Brom Brothers, who had a foundry on Keizerstraat. The foundry is no more, but the chimney (schoorsteen) remains and is a favorite of mine to photograph when the sky is blue and bright.

If you know more about this history of the building/chimney, please let me know. I’m always interested to learn more!

6 thoughts on “Keizerstraat Chimney (UDP)

  1. The foundry doesn’t exist, but if they’ve preserved the chimney – what is in that building now? Is it a private house?
    It reminded me of a similar chimney I’ve seen here in Zwolle, when we drive out of the city to go to the polder. I always make a mental note to come back to take pictures of it and I keep forgetting until the next time I see it 😀

    • I think the building was “cracked” and underwent some major renovation in the 1980s and was turned into a residential building then. I think it still is a private residence now, although there is a bike repair shop next to it. The funny thing is that I realize I’ve looked up at the chimney so much that I’ve rarely actually paid attention to the building it’s attached to! Maybe that will be today’s goal. 😉

    • Thank you! I’ve always enjoyed history and I find the architecture of a city to be such an interesting representation of its living history. Plus, I just have a fondness for architecture, so it’s always a frequent subject for my camera. I’m sure there will be many more buildings to see, hopefully with a bit of their history, as well.

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