New Year’s Leftovers (UDP)

Remains of the Day
I’m afraid the weather today isn’t really encouraging me to get out and photograph anything. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more inspired. Instead, I present a photo from Sunday, showing some of the carcasses of the fireworks that went off at midnight. The street cleaners were quick this year and got a lot of the mess cleaned up before I got out to take a few photos, but they obviously hadn’t gotten this small side street yet. There were empty boxes of numerous fireworks, and of course, these paper leftovers from the firecrackers that they set off in the hundreds (thousands?). Still there’s something vaguely pretty about the reddish-pink paper. It’s a bit like confetti!

6 thoughts on “New Year’s Leftovers (UDP)

  1. My husband is an early bird and was out at 8.30a.m. New Years day sweeping up our cracker mess. Neighbours further down the street did their own clean up around midday. All in all everyone did well cleaning up after their own party mess and there was little sign that a major firework fest had taken place at all. Hubby went out just after lunch and reported that even the ash from the burnt Christmas trees had been taken care of.
    Those large piles of red paper have become as much a New Years Day “tradition” as the fireworks of the night before and they surely keep both locals and street sweepers very busy.
    One reason for getting rid of it as soon as possible is that if it gets wet it mulches down to a very pulpy mass and clogs the water drainage system up. The wet mass is also far harder to scoop up and deal with, so I think that everyone dealing with it is very thankful when New Year’s Day is a dry one.

    • I vaguely remember hearing the street sweepers come by early that morning. Poor things! 😉 I saw other neighbors out and about doing a bit of cleanup on their own, as well. For multiple reasons, it’s nice that it does get cleaned up fairly quickly, with a few random piles here and there. I can imagine that a dry New Year’s Day definitely is preferred!

  2. It does look pretty – like red autumn leaves.
    Here in my neighbourhood there are still streets that look rather ghastly. It snowed a bit last night, then that snow melted and then it froze, so that all the trash from the fireworks got trapped in the ice… trust me: helemaal niet leuk! 😀

    • Yuck! I can imagine it’s getting pretty nasty at this point after a few days and added moisture! I hope it gets cleaned up soon. We’ve been lucky and been relatively dry here, although it got a bit frosty this morning. No snow, though.

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