Zakkendrager (UDP)

Zakkendrager. The little sculpture basically translates the name for you, sack dragger, or porter. Zakkendragersteeg, a narrow alley/street, runs between Vredenburg and the Oudegracht. It has become my favorite shortcut, but I also go out of my way to go down it now. There’s something so incredibly charming and vintage to the feel of it. You really feel like you’ve gone back in time a bit, despite some of the more modern shops along the way, although this is also a vintage clothing shop, as well. Perhaps it is the narrowness or the look of some of the buildings themselves, but it definitely has character.

4 thoughts on “Zakkendrager (UDP)

  1. I’ve just got to say … this is quickly becoming the blog I look forward to the most. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and the cultural insights.

  2. I like the name, and the little iron statue that goes with it. I’m going to be saying “Zakkendrager” to myself all day.

    De Zakkendrager looks like a pub, with the pilsner sign above.

    • It is a fun name, isn’t it! De Zakkendrager is a restaurant that I want to try soon. It looks so cozy inside. There’s also a soup specialty restaurant on the street, as well.

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