Muck Raking

Muck Raking
Last night while taking the dog out, I couldn’t help but notice the large barge/boats in the Wittevrouwensingel (that’s the name of the canal). This is hardly an unusual sight, even though the majority of boats through the canal are of the tour boat or kayak size. Periodically, these boats with large machinery come through, cleaning and dredging the canals as they pass through. Other times, they’re sticking around to put in wooden piles to shore up the land, as you can see a bit here in a closer shot of the boats.
Big Boats
Anyway, they were still there today, so I managed to get a few shots. It’s another grey and rainy day, with some strong winds, so that was about as far as I felt like venturing out. Tomorrow is Cultuurele Zondag, so hopefully the weather will be nicer and maybe I’ll have something a bit nicer to show you. At least the tree in the first photo looks nice in a mossy kind of way.

3 thoughts on “Muck Raking

  1. Nice pics. The Netherlands does seem to be very rainy.

    I’ve only been to Amsterdam a couple of times. I had good weather while there though. It was last January.

    That 1st picture makes me want to go there when it’s warm and sit on the banks.

    • We get such a mix of weather, really. Even on mostly overcast days, we won’t necessarily have a lot of rain, and we’ll also end up with moments of sunlight, which are some of my favorite times to photograph. It certainly doesn’t rain as heavily — usually — as I was used to in the southern parts of the US.

      But yeah, it’s a gorgeous area in the spring when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming!
      Dance Through the Daffies

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